Call centre software easy to administer
yet versatile.

You can have hundreds of agents, tens of supervisors but you will mainly have a few Administrator. So, everything is done to make their life easy as these precious IT experts need to be productive to keep you Contact Centre within its business objectives.

Administration - Easy to administer yet versatile

  • Description

    The administration module is a cornerstone of the Nixxis Contact Suite.
    The whole approach of the system’s administration is business oriented.
    The administration module enables you to build business campaigns. These campaigns consist of a number of business related activities. These activities are associated to queues that will assign the interaction to an call centre agent or a team of agents with the right skill set.

    The administration user interface will allow you to:

    • Create new campaigns
    • Create and/or assign existing activities to a campaign and define the corresponding detailed targets and skill set needed
    • Create and/or assign new/existing queues to an activity
    • Create and/or assign new/ existing teams of agents to a queue
    • Create and/or assign new/ existing agents to a team

    Key differentiator

    • Centralized administration
    • System administration
    • HR administration
    • Business Projects administration :
      • Campaigns
      • Activities
      • Topics
    • User-friendly interface

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