Multiple campaigns for multiple companies
via multiple media.

Email, chat and telephony, all those communication channels are used in and between organizations. All these media are expected to be handled quickly. E-mail shouldn't be expected to be handled quickly in an hour at the end of the day.


NCS allows blending (mixing) between different activities in different ways. The advantage is that all agents can be used flexibly, without being stuck in a particular campaign or certain medium. They are used on multiple paths and therefore more valuable to the organization.

Inbound activities: multiple inbound campaigns can be blended to the same employees
Example: Two agents get calls from customers who seek contact with two different companies. Both agents receive calls for both companies. An agent goes on vacation or just need to break, the other agent can handle calls without retraining or reconfiguration in the Nixxis Contact Suite.

Inbound and outbound activities: inbound and outbound activities can be blended to the same employees.
Example: A contact centre functions as a remote service for a company. This company would like to start a campaign to win back some customers and turnaround the contact centre for (telephone) support. The agents that already supports the company and knows a lot about it can, for example, work on the outbound campaign during the time in the time they do not receive any calls for the support service.

Outbound activities: employees can work at the same time on different outbound operations.
Example: Campaigns for multiple companies and these companies have multiple projects. An agent can be trained for a specific company and answers for all projects of this company. So there is some work variety for the agent, but a specialization in this business. Also, the informed agent on the various projects can then be used further to participate to other calls.

Multi-media blending: employees can at the same time work with different interaction channels.
Example: Calls, chats and e-mails are alternately or even simultaneously sent to the agent. Thus, the agent is at the time that no call is received, automatically handling e-mails. The waiting time of the agent is limited and the agent is more productive for the organization.