5 Contact Center Technology Predictions for 2018

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As the digital age continues to progress the world of contact centers will experience even more new trends in 2018. We have prepared for you our hit list of the top 5 predictions for the Contact Center of 2018.

Every year contact center environments become more complex. As customers continue to increase their expectations, the responsibilities of contact centers are changing dramatically. The same is happening with technology which revolutionizes the way contact centers operate. The tech tools that contact centers used 5 years ago, today have been refashioned and replaced by more advanced applications. Even if you always stay up to date with latest industry innovations it is extremely difficult to predict the new trends in the market.

1. More and more contact centers will move to Cloud

There is been a significant shift toward cloud technology over the past decade in enterprises of all sizes. Contact centers are no exception to this trend.

It is clear that companies will work hard to meet customer expectations from multichannel interactions. In order to simultaneously manage communication channels and integrate data from those channels into a single interface, the cloud model will certainly be attractive for the majority of contact centers.

At the same time contact centers will want to become more flexible while operating from multiple locations. The opportunity to employ cloud services from anywhere in the globe is convenient and something that is very difficult to achieve with on-premise software. It will be effortless to access contact center systems with only internet connection and much easier to perform add agent license configuration using the cloud as a platform.

As businesses grow, contact center software will develop along with it and as company requirements change – especially considering an increase in agents working remotely – the seamless cloud solution will deploy in multiple sites. Cloud technology allows contact centers to benefit from truly advanced solutions to better manage customer experience.

Such flexibility will empower companies to provide excellent customer support, boost agent productivity and improve contact center performance in real time.

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2. Chat bots will get smarter and work together with human users

Live chatbots in a customer service were the number one hot topic of 2017. Chatbots are able to solve routine queries in an effective way and help customers much faster than agents do. They understand human language and are always developing to work better and more efficiently.

By the end of 2018 more and more leading companies will implement chatbots to their environment with the ultimate goal of reducing costs, reducing contact center call traffic and making agent jobs easier. If enterprise business further embraces the idea of using artificial intelligence technology, chatbots will allow contact centers to alleviate understaffing issues, allowing agents to focus on complex requests where human communication is necessary.

That does not mean that chatbots will replace call agents, it means that they will definitely work together to increase customer satisfaction, save time and money.

If done correctly, companies will boost service levels and deliver an awesome customer experience.

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