Summer reading from Nixxis: Digital Marketing vs Customer Relationship

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Nixxis decides to open the debate on the merits of investments made today in digital marketing while the very basic of proper customer interaction management has not even been set up yet.

At the base of any company: customer relations.

Who has never lived this horrifying scene where he gets caught in the arcane of a call centre where no one is responsible, nor can solve the problem? Loss of time, annoyance and often questioned, the real capacities of the supplier to do his job. In short, the client wants to be respected today ... and he is definitely right to demand it.

This increasingly assertive requirement should have implications on customer management of corporations. It's not always the case.

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"It must be admitted that it is more sexy to announce in the specialized press that we invested 100.000 euros per month in "Search Engine Marketing (SEM)" for a whole year to attract customers on a brand new website than implement a smart voice portal that will recognize the customer with a real problem and put him in touch with the agent most likely to solve it", explains Luc Francis Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of Nixxis. "I am surprised how many people I meet who tell me that they have had a terrible customer experience with such a large telephony operator or energy suppliers, even though they had been attracted at great expense a few months ago by an absolutely fantastic digital marketing campaign. "

Everyone knows, on the other hand that attracting a customer to buy your product or service only once and then let him go to your competitors is not very profitable because the cost of acquiring this customer is well above the cost of keeping it.

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