Thank you for your visit in Stratégie Clients 2017!

SECA 2017_21.png

Nixxis and our partner Plug & Tel had a great time meeting all of you at Stratégie Clients 2017 and we hope all the attendees had a similar experience.

A large number of live demonstrations were organized for our visitors, but if you missed the event, no worries, we would be happy to organize a personal demonstration for you in the coming days, please do not hesitate to register here.

Stratégie Clients Exhibition Gallery

Here is a gallery of some photos we took during our time in Stratégie Clients 2017 :

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SECA 2017_6.png
SECA 2017_7.png
SECA 2017_19.png

SECA 2017_9.png
SECA 2017_10.png
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SECA 2017_12.png

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SECA 2017_17.png
SECA 2017_18.png

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SECA 2017_23.png
SECA 2017_24.png
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SECA 2017_28.png
SECA 2017_29.png

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SECA 2017_32.png
SECA 2017_33.png