Your Needs

In difficult times, your business is competing with other creditors for your customers’ goodwill and limited resources. Success in today’s collections environment requires creativity, a commitment to the customer relationship, and optimal efficiency in the contact centre.
Nixxis collection solutions allows your debt collection and recovery environment to seamlessly communicate with disparate internal and external sources, process critical receivables data and accelerate key recovery functions by simply using a single, expandable solution with customizable debt purchasing management and ROI tools tailored to your specific needs.

Our differentiators

Intelligent Call lists:
Outbound call centre software streamlines early collections with automated calls and notifications triggered by data, statistics or events.

Call Recording:
Maintains legally valid records of payment promises and tracks quality and compliance through digital recordings.

Back-office integration:
Provides agents with real-time access to customer information, integrated with external applications for accuracy.

In- and Outbound Channel Blending:
Optimizes agent productivity and reduces inbound call spikes by blending movement between inbound service calls, outbound sales calls, e-mail, chat or social media's.