Your Needs

Today's customers see your Customer Care centre not only as a differentiating factor, but also as a way to increase their loyalty by excellence in the service provided. In fact, your customers deserve the most efficient and knowledgeable experience you can give them. With the Nixxis Customer Care solution, you deliver them not only an exceptional experience but also a profitable one both for them and for you.

Our differentiators

Multi-channel blending:
Manage and blend inbound/outbound multichannel interactions, and give customers their choice of contact options: voice, email, fax and chat, as well as SMS, and social media

Profit based routing:
Automate multimedia queuing and routing processes to quickly connect customers with a knowledgeable agent in a profitable way

Home working:
Improve your agent motivation and performance by including highly-skilled remote agents

Quality Monitoring:
Control service levels and customer satisfaction with real-time monitoring and full-time operational visibility

Fast deployment solutions:
All-included ""one click deployment"" desktop agents and supervisors (onsite or remote)

Open source VOIP solutions:
Benefit from fast reliable and economic latest development in voice over IP (VOIP) and the cloud with a clear path architected on the SIP standards supporting at-home agents, remote locations and mobile employees