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Facing the increasing number of incoming calls, much of which should be treated in the emergency room, Hospitals Iris Sud soon found themselves engorged and with the physical inability to handle these calls.

Many patients were dissatisfied because they were not able to reach certain services and went to the hospital to be heard. The priority given to those present, hospitals were overwhelmed and incoming calls even less handled.

It became crucial for hospitals to find a solution to face the incoming calls without the use of additional human resources.


To achieve the effectiveness of treatment of all incoming calls, Hospitals Iris Sud adopted the advanced call-back function of Nixxis solution that enables the optimization of the appointment call centre. Any appointment is confirmed using or an SMS voting (when on mobile) or a Broadcast IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to ask in plain English for the patient to confirm his/her appointment.

Today, thanks to the Nixxis Solution appointment centre of Hospitals Iris Sud has reached a dropout call rate near zero.

The solution was implemented on the four sites of activity of Hospitals Iris Sud (Bracops, Molière, Ixelles and Baron Lambert). These are always interconnected. Thus, as noted Madam Reine Berquer, call centre manager, that allows switching the operators available between the different centres of activities according to their respective needs.

On top of that, the hospitals are building a database of the calls handled and are now able to trace the history of any calls as well as issuing statistics on Agent productivity and Service Level to the patients.

The Nixxis Contact Suite has enabled Hospitals Iris Sud in:
  • A significant increase in the number of calls handled per day and per person
  • A decrease of dropout calls rate without a proportionate increase in staff
  • An increase of effective consultations performed


Convinced, Iris Sud Hospitals plan to develop the solution to suit all administrative services. Including the integration of Nixxis solution for managing emails, SMS, chat systems or social networks.