Companies are more and more confronted to delays in payments and many persons don’t respect contractual delays. However it seems that business often pay these gaps too much. Credit collection is a key strategic element for the survival of companies. However the recourse to enterprises specialised in this sector is increasingly common. These companies have to handle an increasing number of files, so interactions and this via multiplying channels.


Iuris-Link is a credit collection company specialised in multiple sectors. After the deployment of procedures and increasingly files, the company has to face a huge outbound calls demand. And pickup rate as well as automatic detection of invalid number and answering machine is determining to reach goals. The recovery requires several steps as sending mail, inbound and outbound calls, email, fax…

"In debt collection activities, one of the most important steps is telephony. The direct contact allows better recovering chances because we are able to negotiate, precise data, initiate others proceedings…", specifies Iuris-Link IT Manager Mr. Arnaud Cheron.


After meeting with a Nixxis employee, Iuris-Link decided to rent a license for outbound calls. Campaigns are organised by customer, activity and language. Iuris-Link manages its staff in a way to optimize results. Integration has been realized between Nixxis and customer’s CRM to treat unanswered calls detected by Nixxis via SQL Server and Oracle. It allows automating the treatment of these files without human intervention. An considerable saving in time for agents and files advancement!

Iuris-Link quickly adapted to the new tool Nixxis Contact Suite. A major part of communication is accomplished through outbound calls. Nixxis solution allows driving the different files to the right persons according to pre-defined team affectation for each campaign.

  • The number of call per person per day considerably increases because the managers are subject to the software rhythm.
  • The solution permits improving invalid numbers and answering machines detection.
  • The software allows increasing calls number without improving proportionally the staff.
  • Integration between Nixxis and customer’s CRM to treat non-answered calls.
  • The software continues saving time and money to the company maintaining a sustained rhythm with intelligent automatic dialling.


Although current optimization is axed on outbound telephony, Iuris-Link intends to harmonize Nixxis integration to all divisions of its call centre to enable the tool play its role of "Scheduler".

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