Your Needs

Your e-commerce website might be the first and only point of contact with your customers. Still as the act of purchasing online is difficult for a number of customers, you try via various ways to increase friendliness of your site by adding mail, chat or call-back functions. Then, once the order has been passed you need to be able to show a telephone number where the customer will get immediate information. And when delivery is done, high are the chances that the customer expects the same level of service to help him/her in using or returning your product. Nixxis e-Commerce solutions proposes you to concentrate on the heart of your business: Generating traffic and managing logistics and we will facilitate all the rest.

Our differentiators

Back Office Integration:
Nixxis Contact Suite integrates your internal business systems (Ordering, Logistics, Stock) to ensure the right resources receive the most important tasks at the right time, regardless of location or channel.

Profit based routing:
Nixxis PBR routes your most profitable customers and their information to the most suitable resources in order to increase your profit margin.

Team Overflow:
Makes sure that your customers are always talking to any available agents to strengthen customer relationships with better human based communications using the channel of the customer's choice.

Multi-Channel Conversations:
Creates seamless conversations with customers across time and channels, including website, branch office, phone call, mobile application or social media's.