Contact centre emails are actually conversation tools.

The NCS e-Mail engine ensures that your SLA's are respected and that all e-mails request are for example answered within 24 hours. This has a major impact on the customer satisfaction and it subsequent purchase or repurchase rate in the case of a loyal customer.


Email has become since several years the unmissable communication media within and between organizations. Email is also complementary to telemarketing and as a results required an increase in the handling time of e-mails. An email should preferably be seen and processed immediately.

Handling by agent
The Nixxis email option provides a structured queue of incoming e-mail and it is sent to the agent with the right skills. This agent can then write an answer, forward and/or put it back in the queue for a given period. Using predefined texts, adaptable by the agent, e-mails can be handled quickly and efficiently. It is of course also possible to add attachments.

Besides the screen to answer the e-mail, the agent has a script. Using this script, instructions are given and answers can be sought in a customer database. The agent can also identify the customer or new customer data. It builds in a simple manner a complete customer history through the various communication channels.

The number of emails handled simultaneously by the agent can be defined. This involves that various interaction channels are ""blended"". Both 'open' e-mails and e-mails entered via a contact form on a website can be processed. An e-mail can also be linked to an outbound campaign for telemarketing or broadcast purposes.

After sending an email, it is possible to make a call and qualify it using result codes (Qualifications). Likewise, the follow-up flow can be determined, such as approaching the customer two days after sending the email.
It is also possible to send an e-mail automatically after sending an information brochure. This enhances the strength of the leaflet, and increases the chances of achieving the goal of this commercial brochure.