Your Needs

With the emergence of the "Give economy", fundraising has become an integral source of revenue for number of well-being and social aid organisations. These non-profit enterprises still need to be organised in a professional way if they are willing to be able to cope with the high-traffic and high-demand coming from their funders. Nixxis fundraising solution bring you a vast experience gained in the financial transaction world in order to maximize effectiveness of your fundraisers and making sure all of the money collected is used for the good cause. Nixxis is making special commercial conditions for non-profit fundraising organisations.

Our differentiators

Home working:
Improve your agent motivation and performance by including highly-skilled remote fundraising agents.

Multi-wave campaigns:
Develop and manage creative outbound campaigns to build your brand, build loyalty, and open new revenue streams

Call Recording:
Maintains legally valid records of funding promises and tracks quality and compliance through digital recordings.

Team Overflow:
Makes sure that your funders are always talking to any available agents during peak times (i.e.. TV broadcasts) with better human based communications using the channel of the customer's choice.

Back Office Integration:
Nixxis Contact Suite integrates your internal business systems (accounting, finance, banking) to ensure your fund raising agents receive the best information at the right time, regardless of location or channel.