Your Challenges

Government organizations have made themselves a target to be more open, make information more readily available to citizens, cope with the way the internet is changing data exchanges and offer a secure and comprehensive e-Government access. This is creating an amount of challenges for responsible public sector representatives:

  • Enable administration worker a unified access to information
  • Breaking down silo's or islands of information
  • Manage ever more complex questions over various medias
  • Being able to cope with high volume increase of calls and mails
  • Ensure qualitative service is provided
  • Control the presence of dedicated personnel

We believe that a successful administration has to be able to face with those challenges. To this end adapting itself to new behaviours of its citizens and managing it suing 21st century technologies including social media or mobile phones. We help you motivate your public service employees and increase their productivity in order to manage qualitative public service.

Our Solutions

Multi-Channel Communications: Unifies all communications channels into a single queue, processing and routing interactions according to a consistent set of business rules and delivering a consistent experience.

Back Office Integration: Nixxis Contact Suite integrates resources, virtual call center capabilities, and internal business processes to ensure the right resources receive the most important tasks at the right time, regardless of location or channel.

Skills-Based Routing: Routes communications to the best available Government Contact Center resource to answer the question or solve the problem.

Integrated Call Line Identification (CLI): Provides employees with real-time access to caller information from the CRM database, for faster and more accurate issue resolution.

Open Architecture: Integrates easily with most leading switches, CRM, ERP and database programs, to protect current technology investments while providing complete information about constituents.

Emergency Procedures: Supports automated notifications via phone, e-mail, SMS, or other channels, segmented by language or affected area, and handles the "return wave" of responses without tying up Emergency lines.