Your Challenges

Healthcare organizations are facing a number of new challenges that they were not used to cope with in this new financial environment:

  • Competing pressures from other organizations
  • Increasing costs of service provisioning
  • Increasing payment time from patients and institutions
  • Aging patient population
  • More and better informed patients
  • Fragmented medical informations sources
  • Necessity to have a better return from heavy infrastructure investments
  • Manage multiple channels of communication

We are sure we can help healthcare organizations leverage advanced call center technologies to trim costs and bad debt while personalizing service. Our virtual call center software, integrated self-service and multiple communication channels improve efficiency. Smart interaction routing connects people to the right resources for fast resolution and a better experience.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Call Routing: Routes interactions to the right person within the virtual contact center to resolve any healthcare issue or related question.

Pre-notifications: Notifies patients via e-mail, phone, or SMS for automated appointment and billing reminders, pre-surgical or medication instructions, and test result delivery.

Integrated Call Line Information (CLI): Provides agents with real-time access to caller information from the CRM database for faster and more personalized service delivery.

Multi-Channel Support: Provides consistent customer service across voice, email, SMS or chat, with consistent business logic and routing rules for all interactions and a unified customer record.