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Business process outsourcers are often called upon because of their expertise in the field of Customer Interactions. As specialists in their field, outsourcers rely on process expertise and the economies of scale to deliver multichannel customer service that should meet strict service levels as well as generates a substantial profit.

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Banks and insurance companies, as the rest of the financial sector, are undergoing a tsunami of changes posing a number of new challenges.

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Telecom service provider are facing some of their most challenging times ahead. Is it in mobile or fixed telephony, internet access or multimedia service provisioning, the waves of consolidations and merger in the telecom business has breathed a number of challenges for those naturally service oriented organisations.

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Government organizations have made themselves a target to be more open, make information more readily available to citizens, cope with the way the internet is changing data exchanges and offer a secure and comprehensive e-Government access. This is creating an amount of challenges for responsible public sector representatives.

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Healthcare organizations are facing a number of new challenges that they were not used to cope with in this new financial environment.

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For utilities and field service organizations, customer service has some additional challenges in case urgent service has to be provided as a gas leak or power outage needs to get urgently to the right person at any time of day.

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Travel & Hospitality


Today's travellers are increasingly cost-conscious and demanding. Successful travel and hospitality companies need to address the various channel competitions as well as other challenges.

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Retail & e-Commerce


Internet has completely revolutionized the way commerce is done and not only for consumers. The advent of broadband connections mean that people can visit tens of shops in an hours time. When a call-to-action is generated, it is important to get is "first time right" to avoid that the customer flocks to the next available e-shop.

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If your industry is not listed above, but your customers are consumers or businesses and that a number of interactions are necessary between your company and your customers, there are high chances that you will be facing these types of challenges.

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