Outbound Dialler

Remembering your customer database is one of your most precious asset.

Nixxis Contact Suite dialling function is an industry standard to work on all kinds of outbound campaigns and provides a complete set of dialling options. Depending on the outbound call volume per campaign there is always one of the best option available.


  • Description

    The Nixxis outbound dialler can initiate the calls using the following dialling modes:

    • Manual Dialling
    • Preview Dialling
    • Progressive Dialling
    • Power Dialling
    • Restricted Power Dialling
    • Predictive Dialling
    • Call backs only

    Multi-wave campaigns
    Multi-wave campaigns are based on several activities (inbound calls, emails or any other outbound activities) interacting with each other and impacting the next activity to be performed by agents in real time from the same or different teams. For example, an incoming e-mail today can automatically generate a confirmation call within minutes and a call-back within 2 weeks to verify the status of a request. All of this is stored in the centralized contact file and available for global analysis and reporting.

    Intelligent call lists
    Intelligent call list management uses Nixxis proprietary call list functionalities. For example, when the end of a call list is reached and productivity is going down, the outbound dialler can dynamically let the agent work on other campaigns and transfer the calls with the corresponding script pop-up or any other agent interfaces.

    Profiling using our dynamic filters improves the efficiency of your outbound activities to avoid “burning” your precious call lists too fast. All this will increase the productivity of your outbound campaigns by 15 to 20%.

    Key differentiator

    • Multiple campaigns: An agent can work (blended) simultaneously to more than one outbound campaign.
    • Multi-wave campaigns: A multi-wave campaign is a campaign that consists of several activities. All activities can influence each other and therefore it is important that the agent has access to all activities.
    • Predictive Dialling: Assigning calls is via an efficient algorithm, which calculates the dialler continuous when the agent will be free and based on the following conversation finished sets. With the correct settings, the waiting time of the agent thus negligible.
    • Activity filters: A filter can be put on an activity. There may be restrictions on the affected records. There are both system and database filters. These allow to do profiling, where certain records are used only during certain periods or to certain records only by certain agents (e.g. only English speakers). It is precisely tailored to the requirements of the activity, while the database do not need to be fragmented in multiple campaigns.

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