Your Challenges

Business process outsourcers are often called upon because of their expertise in the field of Customer Interactions. As specialists in their field, outsourcers rely on process expertise and the economies of scale to deliver multichannel customer service that should meet strict service levels as well as generates a substantial profit. However, to do so, they have to be able to manage a number of challenges:

  • Offer multichannel customer service
  • Coping with multiple customers with various systems
  • Manage unpredictable contact volumes
  • Ever increasing OPEX
  • Complex reporting and QA requirements
  • Multiple site management in on-shore or off-shore

These challenges have made managing an outsourcers business an even more complicated task where various extensive skills are necessary. We can offer a combination of tools, solutions and consultancy expertise including knowledge transfers that will give you the necessary tools to be successful in this incredible business.

Our Solutions

Profit based routing: Nixxis PBR routes dynamically your most profitable customers contacts and their information to the most suitable resources when time waiting in the queue influences your profit margin.

24/7 Virtual contact center: Creates virtual call centers that allows distributed sites to work as one single team and eventually over various time zone (Asia, Europe & America's for 24/7 service).

Blended Interactions: Optimizes your customer service agents’ time by blending inbound service calls, outbound sales calls, email, and chat; for example, switch agents to outbound calls, email, and chat when inbound call activity are low.

Team Overflow: Makes sure that your customers are always talking to any available agents to strengthen customer relationships with better human based communications using the channel of the customer's choice.

Multi-Channel Conversations: Creates seamless conversations with customers across time and channels, including website, branch office, phone call, mobile application or social media's.

Multi-Wave campaigns: Allows a campaign created out of several activities (inbound calls, emails, other outbound activities) to interact in combination between each other and impact on the status of the contact by creating a condition by which that contact should be added or removed from the call list. This global contact activity file allows the combination of activities resulting in a global analysis and reporting.