Your Needs

Just like with e-Commerce, maintaining the link with your customers when they are moving through your Point-Of-Sales is as important as spending marketing money in order to get them there. But as the shops budget are getting more and more constraints, how can you make sure somebody is going to be there to help them? As most of your customers are moving in your shops with Smartphone's in their pockets, that might be a good idea to leverage your best sales agents and help them make their choices in your own shop by using advanced Voice Over IP technology and all other channels.

Our differentiators

Open source VOIP solutions:
Benefit from fast reliable and economic latest development in voice over IP (VOIP) and the cloud with a clear path architected on the SIP standards supporting at-home agents, remote locations and mobile employees.

Multi-Channel Conversations:
Creates seamless conversations with customers across time and channels, including website, branch office, phone call, mobile application or social media's.

Home working:
Improve your agent motivation and performance by including highly-skilled remote agents.

Back Office Integration:
Nixxis Contact Suite integrates your internal business systems (Ordering, Logistics, Stock) to ensure the right resources receive the most important tasks at the right time, regardless of location or channel.