Profit based routing

Precisely decide on a per call basis where profit is being made.

Profit based routing responds to both the customers’ and the contact centre management’s expectations. As it remains easy to administer, profit based routing will change the way contact centres are operated, resulting in lower costs and more satisfied customers.


  • Description

    Typical SLAs define the percentage of calls that need to be answered within a predefined number of seconds. Today’s Customers want Contact Centres to do more than simply meet traditional quantitative SLAs. They also expect their calls to be answered quickly and to get an accurate answers from their first contact. Profit based routing is implemented as an extension to the classical skill based routing. Every query is evaluated by a proprietary algorithm and routed to the agent who can give the correct outcome of the call in the most efficient way. Several parameters can be provided by a set of interactive questions using an IVR, or by customer identification technology in combination with service numbers, customer contact history or former IVR sessions.
    In addition, the effective cost of every agent who can take the query is calculated in real time so that the most appropriate and cost efficient agent is chosen to handle the call.

    Key differentiator

    • 20% higher profitability than any competing product
    • Maximizes Value of contact
    • Lowers the overall Cost of communication
    • Drives the optimization of profit/cost ratio
    • Is naturally combined with Skill based routing

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