Your Challenges

Internet has completely revolutionized the way commerce is done and not only for consumers. The advent of broadband connections mean that people can visit tens of shops in an hour's time. When a call-to-action is generated, it is important to get it "first time right" to avoid that the customer flocks to the next available e-shop. The main challenges that also apply to the classic "brick and mortar" shop are:

  • Managing bad service complain via multiple channels
  • Making sure the next bet person is available to speak
  • Email and chat engine are considered classic interaction channels
  • Response time have to be shorter and shorter
  • Complex logistics have to be integrated in the whole customer interaction suite
  • Social media's are an easy way to complain and generate bad word of mouth

Those challenges make it more and more difficult for a retailer to keep its cost and margin under control and often the convenience of having the good available is the only reason why people will move to your store. We delight your customers at each touch point to keep your business thriving.

Our Solutions

Back Office Integration: Nixxis Contact Suite integrates your internal business systems (Ordering, e-Commerce, Logistics, Stock) to ensure the right resources receive the most important tasks at the right time, regardless of location or channel.

Profit based routing: Nixxis PBR route your most profitable customers and their information to the most suitable resources in order to increase your profit margin.

Team Overflow: Makes sure that your customers are always talking to any available agents to strengthen customer relationships with better human based communications using the channel of the customer's choice.

Multi-Channel Conversations: Creates seamless conversations with customers across time and channels, including website, branch office, phone call, mobile application or social media's.