Social Media Website

Becoming a necessary part of the customer service mix, Nixxis Social Media integration builds your contact center and customer experience in accordance with today’s digital customer landscape.

social media website

  • Key benefits:

    • Interaction with several social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, …
    • View/Reply on posts made on a vendor specific group
    • Quick overview of all comments made on a post and user verification using images of the user
    • Chat support for Facebook and Google Talk


    The Nixxis Social Media add-on serves as the gateway between the agent and the Social media webpages. It allows agents to read up on the latest posts created in vendor specific groups and reply to them when the need arises.

    For the agent everything stays simple. The posts made are loaded within the Nixxis contact suite and laid out within a comfortable user interface. This user interface includes the made post, the comments on that posts and a picture (if provided by the social media webpage) for every user, which is handy for user verification.

    At the moment we can provide you the famous networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


    Not only is the Social media add-on capable of handling several posts (which can be seen as emails). It is also possible to handle integrated chat traffic, allowing the agent to have an interactive conversation with the customer at hand.

    Currently we have two different chat integrations, one for Facebook and on for Google Talk.

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