Credit collection, Customer Care, e-Commerce, Telemarketing, Fundraising, POS assistance, Home working

Credit collection


In difficult times, your business is competing with other creditors for your customers’ goodwill and limited resources. Success in today’s collections environment requires creativity, a commitment to the customer relationship, and optimal efficiency in the contact centre.

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Customer Care


Today's customers see your Customer Care centre not only as a differentiating factor, but also as a way to increase their loyalty by excellence in the service provided. In fact, your customers deserve the most efficient and knowledgeable experience you can give them.

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Your e-commerce website might be the first and only point of contact with your customers. Still as the act of purchasing online is difficult for a number of customers, you try via various ways to increase friendliness of your site by adding mail, chat or call-back functions.

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Selling over the phone is still today and will be for a long time, one of the most efficient way to generate sales. Companies like Dell Computers and tons of others have become master in this.

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With the emergence of the "Give economy", fundraising has become an integral source of revenue for number of well-being and social aid organisations. These non-profit enterprises still need to be organised in a professional way if they are willing to be able to cope with the high-traffic and high-demand coming from their funders.

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POS assistance


Just like with e-Commerce, maintaining the link with your customers when they as moving through your Point-Of-Sales is as important as spending marketing money in order to get them there. But as the shops budget are getting more and more constraints, how can you make sure somebody is going to be there to help them?

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Home working


With the costs of energy rising every day and the schedule for work becoming more and more flexible, more and more of the qualitative and highly skilled agents are demanding to perform part or totality of their work from their home or remote local offices.

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