Your Challenges

Telecom service provider are facing some of their most challenging times ahead. Is it in mobile or fixed telephony, internet access or multimedia service provisioning, the waves of consolidations and merger in the telecom business has breathed a number of challenges for those naturally service oriented organisations:

  • Improve first call resolution rates
  • Manage an ever more complex and growing product portfolios
  • Perform complex diagnostic processes
  • Control OPEX and field service costs
  • Adapt to email and chat volume
  • Maximize customer loyalty
  • Interact with customers through social media channels

As gaining a new customer is much more expensive than maintaining an existing one, our portfolio of solutions can help to delight your existing customer as well as efficiently boost your telesales performances. Adopting one of these will already greatly enhance your performances and make sure you remain competitive in this ever more demanding environment.

Our Solutions

Back Office Integration: Nixxis Interaction Engine tracks, prioritizes and routes tasks from a wide range of enterprise work sources and software applications to meet customer service deadlines.

Multi-Channel Conversations: Creates a seamless conversation with customers across time and channels for better customer retention, improved cross-sell and up-sell and lower operating costs.

Pre-notifications: Strengthens customer relationships with proactive communications, including cross-sell or up-sell offers or account notifications, using the channel of the customer's choice.

Blended Interactions: Optimizes customer service agents’ time by blending inbound service calls, outbound sales calls, email, and chat. For example, switch agents and Telecom shop branch employees to outbound calls, email, and chat when inbound call and bank branch activity are low.

Profit based routing: Nixxis PBR routes your most profitable customers and their information to the most suitable resources in order to increase your profit margin.

Team Overflow: Makes sure that your customers are always talking to any available agents to strengthen customer relationships with better human based communications using the channel of the customer's choice. This is also important in case of partial or total network breakdown in order to deviate the surge of traffic to external call centres.