Your Challenges

Today's travellers are increasingly cost-conscious and demanding. Successful travel and hospitality companies need to address the various channel competitions as well as other challenges:

  • Service is expected to be personalized before and during their travels
  • Problems are expected to be solved fast and efficiently
  • Delivering good service is a key factor for returning customers
  • Customers browse the internet for advice before they buy
  • Multiple choice of channels is crucial
  • Social media's are complaining but also advertising media of choice
  • Volume of interactions varies greatly in time.

Each day we help number of travel and hospitality organizations to keep up to internet speed with their customers, allowing them to concentrate on their core processes and making sure loyalty is maximized all along the way.

Our Solutions

Multi-Channel Conversations: Creates a seamless conversation with customers over phone, FAX, email, text messaging (SMS), or chat, improving responsiveness while streamlining costs.

24/7 Virtual contact center: Creates virtual call centres that allows distributed customer service and branch agents to work as a single team and over various time zone (Asia, Europe & America's for 24/7 service).

Pre-notifications: Strengthens customer relationships and increases sales with proactive notifications of travel updates, promotions and special offers, via phone, email, or SMS (text messaging).

Profit based routing: Nixxis PBR route your most profitable customers and their information to the most suitable resources in order to increase your profit margin.

Back Office Integration: Nixxis Contact Suite integrates your internal business processes (CRM, ERP, Billing, Reservation system) to ensure the right resources receive the most important tasks at the right time, regardless of location or channel.