Why Nixxis?

About us

Nixxis is a professional software publisher specialized in call/contact center and customer interaction solutions.
Thousands of users worldwide rely on Nixxis for his team that brings over 100 years of experience in customer interaction solutions.
The advanced Nixxis Contact Suite, a visionary and flexible solution has been designed anticipating all future needs of contact centers in terms of customer interactions (phone, email, chat, sms, social networks). 80% of our customers report up to 20% increase in productivity and profitability.
Do not hesitate to come with your specific questions, our worldwide network of partners has the required skills to answer and help you anytime, any place, anywhere all over the planet. With Nixxis, let your business take flight!

Our Vision

Nothing will replace human face-to-face interaction but as more and more Customer Interactions are using Technology based interfaces, we believe that the future of the industry lies in delivering Qualitative and Profitable Customer Interactions.

Our Values

Our company values are:
Customer Satisfaction: The customer is at the centre of everything we do and is the only reason why we exist.
Respect for the Individual: All human being are equal and deserve respect for how they are and what they do.
Achievements: Setting oneself high enough and challenging goals and be proud to say to the world that you've reached them.
Continuous Learning: You knowledge of today might not be the one of tomorrow, so keeping your most precious asset is important.

Our commitment

As too many understaffed Contact Centres and overstressed Contact Centre Agents are damaging the relationship with the final Customer and destroying its loyalty, Nixxis commits to provide Technology and Solutions to help Contact Centre people to deliver nothing less than a Premium service.