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The AI-Powered Omnichannel Suite To Boost Your Contact Center Productivity

How can we help you optimise your Customer Experience?
Nixxis Functionality
Voice, Chat, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Appstores, Forms, Blogs, etc... all managed by your Representatives or our Bots, taking care of your customers, identifying their intents and giving you the best insights to delight them.
Nixxis Scalability
Artificial intelligence is embedded in order to automate what can be automated and give your Customers and Agents a seamless experience. Machines are there to help so don't hesitate to use them and multiply your productivity by 300%
Nixxis Reliability
Our reputation for a Telecom-grade platform has now crossed so many borders that the largest Telecom operators, Energy companies and Banking & Finance players trust us to take care of their most important asset: Their Customers !

Nixxis Contact Suite

Optimize your business applications with our Omnichannel Contact Center software
Unified Agent Interface
Deliver an ultimate customer experience
Our agent desktop is flexible to each agent and genuinely intuitive to use, with a crystal-clear interface and simple access to all customer-related information. Allow your team to deliver a more informed customer experience and reduce agent training time to minimum.
Priority Based Routing
Get what must be done first
Deliver superior customer experience by connecting your clients to the best skilled agents in the most efficient way. Calls can be transferred based on customer identification technology, customer history from CRM, former IVR sessions, agent skills or availability, and much more.
Predictive Outbound
Minimize the time agents spend waiting
Nixxis dialer has a smart algorithm that will predict when an agent will become available to make the next call, detect busy signals, fax machines or voicemail and forward only the live connected prospects to the agents. This minimizes the time agents spend waiting between conversations and increases their productivity.
Cloud Based & On-Premise
From 5 to 5000+ Agents
Whatever your company needs, on-premise or cloud-based software, you are sure to find right Nixxis solution that is tailored to suit your business.
Business Tools Integrations
Salesforce, Dynamics, Oracle, Siebel
Synchronize information with your CRM, helpdesk or chat and quickly respond to customers across any and every channel.
Monitoring & Reporting
All-in-one software
Easily track, record and analyse multimedia interactions to efficiently manage staff and resolve customer issues as fast as possible.
Easy To Set Up, Use & Manage
Start in minutes
Rapidly deploy Nixxis Contact Suite and enjoy the simplicity of high-powered communication solutions.
Affordable Pricing
Get more for less
Pay only for what you use; no more underused capacity; powerful supervision, modular administration, unlimited recording, and all this for only one small monthly fee.
Increase the quality of service
We provide you with the best telecom rates both for inbound and outbound from 65 countries and 10.000 cities.

Loved and Trusted by our Customers