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Nixxis & Axtel

Nixxis and Axtel are proud to be technological partners since many years bringing together the expected communication solutions for offices as well as call centers. Nixxis with its high-qualified rich featured omnichannel solution and Axtel focusing its attention on professional headsets and recently telephones.

Nixxis is the market leader in call center and business CRM solutions. Nixxis Contact Suite solution is universally recognized for its reliability, the extent of its functionality and the performance it achieves for the professionals who use it. The Nixxis solutions are used by telecom operators, financial institutions (banking & insurance), public utilities (water, electricity, railways, administration, distribution, …).

Axtel has been developing its position on the international telecommunications solutions market for over 15 years, focusing its attention on professional headsets, IP telephones, unified communications, cables & accessories and a wireless line.  As international vendor becoming a global provider of high-quality devices within the market for professional communication, Axtel produces high-quality professional communication solutions prioritizing user needs and comfort through advanced audio technology.

To ensure effectiveness and, eventually, tangible results. communication needs to be as close to a personal conversation as possible. By employing advanced audio technology for voice quality and noise cancellation, Axtel produces devices that are suitable for any environment and use case.

Alina Illarionova, Business Development Manager Benelux points “the importance of being a technological partner with Nixxis, the trust of the product and to help out in an efficient manner all users beginning with the comfort of the agent’s daily life.”

Nixxis proposes to its clients the professional noise cancelling Axtel headset PRO XL duo NC WB which combines design and all-day comfort.   More information: http://www.axtelheadsets.com

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