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Utilities Industry

Utility providers: Staying competitive with Nixxis

34% of consumers aim to regularly switch their main utility accounts. Out the main reasons, price is at the top. Higher pricing is inevitable, so to help customers anticipate and plan for higher rates, some utility companies are starting to see the value in engaging with customers when bills are sent but not only. With Nixxis Contact center software for Utilities Industry we help you retain your customers by providing the proper tools and technology to improve their experiences and add value to your company.

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Awesome features for Utilities Companies

Proactively Engage with Customers

Proactively notify customers of planned outages or unexpected emergencies over voice with outbound campaigns in self-service channels, or over mobile devices via SMS text or in-app. You can even create automated SMS text reminders of service appointments or proactively reach out to customers regarding billing changes.

Offer Mobile and In-app Self-service

Allow customers to access information in-app or over other self-service channels. By providing outage and billing information on self-service channels, you can reduce influx of calls during emergencies and reduce customer service costs. You can also provide customers the option to report outages via SMS or in-app and receive updates during emergencies.

Automate Common Inquires

In the utilities industry there are many frequently asked questions and common inquiries, like customers checking on their payment status. Reduce costs by automating common inquires over self-service channels and in your IVR. Even though customers should be able to solve most of their problems in self-service channels, it’s best to always provide an easy way for your customers to speak with a live agent.

Prioritize Calls with IVR

Ensure emergency calls take priority with intelligent routing and IVR functionality. By routing these calls to agents best equipped to handle emergency calls, you can quickly handle the situation and put the customer at ease.

Unified Agent Desktop

Consolidating customer data, communication tools, and easy-to-access information into a single desktop is critical in servicing your customers. The decluttered Agent Desktop puts actionable customer data and knowledge at your agents’ fingertips so they can solve customer problems, not hunt for information. By bringing all customer data to a single screen, agents are empowered to personalize each interaction.

Quality Management

Nixxis Contact Suite has an advanced quality monitoring system with advanced “speech-to-text” technology 

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You want a solution that integrates with your actual one


Our Infrastructure: Stable, Reliable and Compliant


A powerful software with all the capabilities your business needs


Ensures consistent & personalized customer experiences

You have a legacy software or you want to integrate with your current solution?

We understand that shifting from one solution to another can get pretty complicated and frightening, at Nixxis we are committed to help you make this change as smoothly as possible.  

On another hand you might already have a software but you’d like to take over another one that has different functionalities that would help you. Nixxis can be integrated to other solutions such as Genesys and give you the best of both worlds! 

Integration with leading CRM

Stable, Reliable and Compliant Infrastructure

  • Stable

    For all our clients, each second down means tons of money lost. We get that. With our current Server infrastructure we are able to avoid near to every issue you may have encountered (rebooting servers, complete or partial crash )

  • Reliable

    Hosted in France through OVH and in Ireland by AWS Amazon or on your own servers.

  • Compliant

    Secure and protected data with Hosting & outsourcing according to ISO 27001 & RGPD recommendations of the French national commission of IT (CNIL), one of the strictest in terms of data protection and utilization

Leverage the power of data analytics to take your customers experience to the next level.

Workforce Management capabilities to make your Operations seamless

  • Manage your workforce like a breeze with our Quality Monitoring tool

    Create personnalized criterias to only get the recordings you really need. With our advanced “speech-to-text" technology we can narrow the recordings to specific words or even emotionnal intents!

  • Afraid that your agents might not adopt the solution? Take a look

    At Nixxis, we wanted our solution to be easy of use for those who actually spend tens of hours on it: your agents. We carefully designed the whole agent interface to help them get the best out of the tool

  • Hybrid or full remote working style?

    Our dry IP VPN connection allows you to manage your workforce working remotely and gives you access to all the information you need!

  • Enhanced Agent Productivity

    Get real time data and optimize your contact center productivity on the go. See live what agents are available, the calls that are treated, in wrap-up phase, in queue and so much more

Meet your subscribers where they are

Best Predictive Dialer

Take advantage of one of the most powerful predictive dialer on the market and send your outbound telesales results through the roof 

Powerful ACD

Take advantage of one of the most powerful predictive dialer on the market and send your outbound tele sales results through the roof 

Well-thought IVR

A well-thought IVR that allows you to deal with overflowing in waiting queues, create call-back scenarios to ensure your customer service inbound calls stay as smooth as possible  

Integrated softphone

An integrated Softphone for decreased costs of operation and better embedded communications  

Omnichannel campaigns

Create omnichannel campaigns and merge all your channels (chat, email, SMS, phone, social media) on one interface for a complete comprehension of your customer 

We can make coffee

At Nixxis, the voice of our clients is our utmost priority. Book a demo with us to discover how we answer your challenges and how we can actually make coffee for you

Additional features for Utilities Company

Unified Agent Desktop

Data Security

Omnichannel Capabilities

Self-service Portal

IVR System

Call Recordings

Inbound & Outbound Calling

Live Monitoring

Call Quality Monitoring

Intelligent Routing

CRM Integrations

Reporting & Dashboards

Lead Management


SLA Management

Meet Client Satisfaction by using our solution

Corinne Pirinoli HR , Communications & Customer Services Director, MONACO TELECOM

We had a solution that could no longer meet the needs of our growing business. The Nixxis tool is very flexible. You can do anything you need. You can easily control all the parameters as well as the operation of the system.

Stefano Orlando Chief Customer Operations Officer, SALT MOBILE SA

Nixxis has allowed us to make a huge leap forward in the management of our customer support lines by allowing us to integrate our SuperOffice ticket solution and our internal marketing suite "Marylin". This has greatly helped us to become the best hotline in Switzerland in 2020 and 2021.

Anthony Piquet Financial Services & Fintech Business Unit Director, WEBHELP

The Nixxis solution has allowed us to significantly increase the quality and productivity of our case management. The reliability of the platform allows us to assure our customers the quality of service they are entitled to expect from a market leader like Webhelp.

Charles-Emmanuel Berc Président Directeur Général - Founder, VIPP INTERSTIS

In order to guarantee our growth, we needed a stable and reliable partner. The Nixxis teams have always been at the rendezvous to ensure flawless support and a quality of service that has always been part of our trademark in the management of our outgoing campaigns but also now in dig

Nikola IT engineer -Universal Telecom

I would say my overall experience with Nixxis is very good. I’m very satisfied with the Nixxis Contact Suite. And what’s most important is often customer service don’t want to move to another system just because people don’t like to change. But they have to make the change because afterwards, I mean after have been using Nixxis for like 15 days everybody says “It’s much better, much easy to understand”. I really recommend Nixxis. I do it every day to my customers

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