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Customer Relationship Management Softwares ( CRM ) versus Human Interaction – A pure investment paradox

It is undeniable that CRM softwares today form an integral part in the contact center DNA. It has definitely re-engineered the way business is done on a worldwide level. Today CRMs have taken over most of the function in the front office; from marketing, sales and even the service functions.

It has given a new dimension to human interaction at work. Automation enables 1 single person to enhance his productivity with just a few clicks. Technology is now an integral part of the workplace and there have been questions that to this date are left answered. “Will technology replace humans? Will bots be considered as human interaction? Will there be a normal conversation between 2 human beings online?”

A general CRM belief today is that CRMs first of all takes into consideration customer touch points to then work backwards and integrate functions of the particular business they are in. CRM softwares enable individuals to have access to more accurate data, it has undeniably helped a lot of businesses survive through a lot of critical situations. This was actually the start of “the customer centered approach”. Businesses who were purely about profits, never found it necessary to connect with their audience but today, the same businesses listen to what their respective audience wants, care about and love. 

Understanding this migration is where most companies fail as they forget that technology has its limits in delivering a perfect customer service. Aspects like clear cut product information and configuration settings, uncomplicated pricing strategies, smooth ordering process and on point billing strategy have been overlooked and these are fundamental components in achieving customer satisfaction. Cross functionality aspects are a must have in today’s business world. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 Ps of customer satisfaction :

Product – As customers we tend to judge a business upon its ability to deliver a product that is user friendly, easy to use and budget friendly. 

Process – This is basic interaction. It starts from how the company makes us aware of their presence, their purchasing cycle. 

Policies – Customers nowadays love tailor made solutions, special offers, terms and conditions applied. This makes them feel unique and understood by the companies they buy from. 

People – No matter how big a technological leap is, the cherry on top factor is the people your customers will deal with. They need to put a face on your product or service. It will be the main point of contact (face to face, email, phone or chat) throughout their buying journey. 

At the heart of customer service is information. In many cases, customers interact with blind staff (it is not these people who may have generated the enquiry or it is not up to them to solve the issues, a customer is dealing with) while being under the impression that everyone in the organization has access to their information.  

This is exactly where CRM tools are doing their job. It brings an Omni channel inbound and outbound communication whereby processes are uniforms, policies are tailor made and people at every interaction level knows the customer in and out. Businesses should realize that CRMs enable customer focus and satisfaction throughout the whole process done by humans, not the other way round. Ultimately, CRM softwares and human interaction definitely needs to work hand in hand to achieve better results. 

Nixxis hopes that this article helped a lot of you out there see you can integrate automation within your current workforce and methods. Organizations should focus more on their customers while not neglecting the human touch and customer approach. Remember your first customers are the users of internal software, policies and products and this also reflects your ability to tackle your external clients. Feel free to like and share this article to your networks and let’s connect if you feel we could be of any further help to you or your organization 

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