Customer Case: Axa Assistance

Discover how Nixxis Contact Suite helped Axa Assistance demultiply available communications channels with its customers on a single interface.

Since 1989

25 years of insurance expertise

Leader of international assistance

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Their Goals

When it comes to insurance assistance, time is of the essence. Helping your customers in dire situations as rapidly and efficiently as possible can one the greatest selling points, even above pricing. Axa Assistance needed to figure out how to answer its clients in difficult situations as quickly as possible and find a solution that could manage simultaneously inbound and ountbound calls as well as emails, whatsapp, social media, SMS, etc. To send over documents and wikis.

Axa Assistance reached great results

With Nixxis Contact Suite and Nixxis Digital, Axa Assistance seamlessly integrated all available channels with its customers on one user-friendly interface creating  lightning-fast claim resolution and handling.

Cutting-edge interactions

Global and understandable view of outbound and inbound calls per day

+20% Handled Claims

Increase of handled claims and demultiplication of intervention speed

Great Customer Satisfaction

Better handling of claims + more rapid intervention = Happy customers

Boosting of profitability

Increased productivity of operations

Axa Assistance's Testimonial

We used to have a ticketing solution to manage incoming claims, but the system was flawed in many ways and not aggregating customer interactions between our different communication channels. The thing is, when a client is in a difficult situation, every second matters. If said client is victim of a flood and loses most of his possessions, he needs a clear and rapid answer on what will be done on our side to help. Thanks to Nixxis, our customers can contact us 24/7 through a mix of IVR, AI-powered bots and automations available on our website, social media accounts and phone system, speeding up dramatically the handling of claims.

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