Customer Case: Comearth

Reliability & Scalability: How Nixxis helped Comearth improve its customer relations

Since 2004

236 employees

Turnover of €17.6 million

Their Goals

Comearth placed great emphasis on the robustness and reliability of its contact center solution, which was effectively addressed by implementing Nixxis Contact Suite, enabling the company to efficiently manage its workforce and consistently deliver excellent services. Moreover, the solution's cost-effectiveness facilitated the execution of multiple expansion projects aimed at covering a wide range of specific channels.

Comearth achieved great results

As a center for outsourcing B2B and B2C customer relations, Comearth caters to the needs of small businesses and large groups alike, which necessitates the provision of a dependable and versatile solution that can adapt to all customer relationship requirements, while also ensuring scalability to integrate both current and future channels of the company.

Workforce Management

Utilizing Nixxis' built-in analytics, Comearth efficiently allocated their agents' workload.

Rapid Adoption

Nixxis places user experience at the forefront of its solution, enabling agents to easily and swiftly adapt

Better Customer Satisfaction

Better handling of calls + more rapid response + media blending = Happy customers

24/7 support

Nixxis is available 24/7 for every client, troubleshooting efficiently arising issues.

Comearth's Testimonial

Nixxis is a key technological partner in the success of Comearth since its creation. They have enabled us to offer quality “Made in France” customer relations with a profitability that allows us to continuously invest in our activities.

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