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Executive Summary

Ceciphone is an adapted business (they employ 80% of persons with visual disabilities) that was created with a dual purpose; providing an effective and human customer service while allowing people with visual disabilities to work in a suitable environment.

The Challenge

The challenge was to find a software both very efficient and fully modular, flexible in order to adapt it to the needs of different disabilities for the call center itself and for agents working at home. The company initially benefited from a partnership with a call center to discover the software of Nixxis.To meet the specific needs of call center operators, it is from within Ceciphone that were developed integrations required for the visually impaired including a speech synthesis and a Braille console for performing the script in both ways.

The Solution
The Nixxis solution has enabled Ceciphone to achieve its objective by coupling its call center solution with speech software and a Braille console, an indispensable prerequisite for working with visually impaired people.
Ceciphone could test the accessibility and usability of software for remote call center agents. In this last case, a specific ADSL line dedicated to the professional activity is installed at each agent’s home to ensure a fast connection.
  • Coupling of software for call center (Nixxis Contact Suite) with the speech synthesis JAWS and a braille console
  • A perfect synchronization of data and voice with the software
  • Real time supervision on contact center agents

In practice:

  • The agent starts a campaign on Nixxis
  • Starting of an adapted script, developed by Ceciphone and fully recognized by JAWS
  • Customer record appears on the script and JAWS reads the information displayed
  • After being processed by the contact center agent, the records are updated in the Nixxis data base and ready for further processing.
A Last Word

Convinced by the accessibility, the flexibility of the software and of its effectiveness, Ceciphone is now moving to the latest version of NCS and developing the solution that fits future projects. Including through the establishment of more telephone operators supervised from Ceciphone platform.

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