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Customer case

It turns out that the most effective way to get answers from consumers still passes through the good old phone. Indeed, many consumers miss out on many online polls or surveys. However as these measures allow firms to better understand their customer base and market, they are an essential barometer to adapt their positioning and services to the ever changing customers’ expectations.

The Challenges

With its previous call center solution, Cap-tel was facing a very low operational usage rate of its customer records but telephone surveys require several things, including the speed and reliability of phone calls and a proper monitoring of customer history.

The Solution

“Cap-tel quickly adapted to the new Nixxis tool. The installation of Nixxis Contact Suite was very effective and was done remotely. In terms of training, completeness and clarity enabled agents and managers to quickly adapt to the system due to its simplicity. The software is intuitive, allowing us to make the scripts ourselves. In addition, the predictive mode allows us to calculate the average time spent by each agent on a contact and anticipate the next call. When the call center agent is about to finish his conversation, the system already dials the next customer and prepares its historical record. Therefore, we don’t suffer anymore of time loss due to the slow screen popup as we had with our previous solution.”

The Nixxis solution has increased the operational usage rate up to 40% The number of calls per day and per person has increased significantly since the Telephone operators do not suffer the slow screen popup The Nixxis solution offers plenty of setting options NCS allows the supervisor having a global view The software allows increasing the number of calls without increasing proportionately the staff

The Results

Nixxis allowed Cap-tel to master the following activities:
– Inbound and outbound calls
– Complaints’ identification
– Dispute resolution
– Customer accounts follow up
– Reminders preservation and qualification
– Customer base updating
– Callbacks programming
Shortly after trying Nixxis Contact Suite, the company noticed a change in its results. “We quickly went from 20-25% operational usage rate with our old software to 35-40% with Nixxis predictive dialing”, explains Christopher, site manager since its creation.

“The supervisor mode is complete. It provides a comprehensive view of all activities. There are no real problems with the software; it is functional, simple, reliable and effective.”

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