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Customer case

Brussels like any other capital in the world is a busy and overcrowded city. Of course such a metropolis requires a good transportation system and even relying on public transport, visitors and residents often choose the services of local dispatching companies.
Taxis Verts is one of the companies engaged into passenger transportation business in Brussels. Being not the largest taxi service provider, Taxis Verts remains the most demanded and trustworthy.

The Challenges

Taxis Verts is a leading dispatching company counting more than 550 vehicles of which about 100 vehicles are delivery vans and the rest are plain taxis. The main company’s activities are to receive taxi orders and organize them in the most efficient way. Taxis Verts manages 1000 taxi drivers and provides about 7000 rides per day. Daily, especially during morning and afternoon peak hours the company faces a huge amount of inbound calls. Peak hours are associated with heavy traffic jams and Taxis Verts controls all of them by allowing customers to use automatic systems as IVR. Due to the increase in the number of transportation orders it is more complicated to manage customer’s demands simultaneously via different communication channels. “For dispatching company it is very important to be able to broadcast messages to customers and at the same time to pay a maximum attention at information and statistics on the various managed calls”, said Taxis Verts General Manager Mr. Pêtre.

The Solution

Taxis Verts highpoints that needs were rather specific and limited to a company size. “While choosing a telephonic provider many issues were taken into account and the most relevant was to find a flexible solution that could satisfy company’s nonstandard demands.” After a meeting with Nixxis team, Taxis Verts was convinced that a young but credible software publisher can present a product that would meet company’s requirements. With its previous customer solution supplier, Taxis Verts was facing problems of a low interaction and inability to give a true customer approach. Taxis Verts needed a single solution and a perception of being a unique client. Nixxis was proud to offer its Nixxis Contact Suite solution and an ability to guarantee excellent business communication, completely individual approach and a close relationship with the customer.

The Results

Working with Nixxis as a software supplier, Taxis Verts was able to obtain: A significant increase in the number of calls handled by person per day Integration of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and the ability to control a large amount of incoming calls during peak hours NCS made it possible to accurately record all customer orders and to avoid errors A customized and ergonomic NCS interface adapted to specific business requirements Reliable technical support The opportunity to contact Nixxis at any time and get a personal approach to any problem A possibility to be treated as a special customer

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