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Customer case

Telecom service provider are facing some of their most challenging times ahead. Is it in mobile or fixed telephony, internet access or multimedia service provisioning, the waves of consolidations and merger in the telecom business has breathed a number of challenges for those naturally service oriented organizations. And as many telecom companies, Universal telecom based in Sweden spends a big part of its budget into the customer service. A department that is one of their main assets because of the professionalism and the speed to answer customer’s issues.

Universal Telecom is a telecom operator mainly presents in Sweden and existing since 1998. Universal telecom offers its services to hundreds of thousands people across different countries. This company had to find a solution helping to delight their existing customers as well as efficiently boost their telesales performances.

The Challenges

And Universal Telecom chooses to preserve an in-house call center because they wanted to keep the full control on their customer service.

Nikola, the IT engineer in charge of the Nixxis product at Universal Telecom, explains the business problems that they were trying to solve: “We had a previous solution that could no longer meet our company’s needs. An old Avaya handling calls distribution via a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) which is quite expensive if you do it across countries. We had 5 different countries to cover so it was very expensive. Our major consideration was to cut off the expenses. What we also really needed was a good reporting system.” Universal Telecom needed a professional and trusted tool. Indeed, a telecom company cannot deliver itself a poor telephone communications!

The Solution

Nixxis allowed Universal Telecom to master the following activities:

Inbound and outbound calls analysis
Complaints’ identification
Dispute resolution
Customer accounts follow up
Reminders preservation and qualification
Workforce management

“The main benefit as I can see in our case essentially the reporting system. Now, we actually understand what we have to do to exactly fit our customer needs. We also add a post processor IVR to measure our customer satisfaction after each interaction. Reporting is one of the best things in Nixxis because you can really extract whatever you need from the calls.

The reporting system of Nixxis is very flexible. You can do almost everything you need, especially if you are an IT person who knows how to do things. It is so easy to get all the data and all the reports you can imagine from NCS. I actually use it like that. That’s not just a thing to say. It is really easy to control what you do and what happens with the system.”

The Results

“I would say my overall experience with Nixxis is very good. I’m very satisfied with the Nixxis Contact Suite. And what’s most important is often customer service don’t want to move to another system just because people don’t like to change. But they have to make the change because afterwards, I mean after have been using Nixxis for like 15 days everybody says “It’s much better, much easy to understand”. I really recommend Nixxis. I do it every day to my customers”, added Nikola.

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