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To answer the request of many contact centers for security payment solutions Nixxis has started a partnership with PCI Pal, a Fintech company focused on helping run customer contact operations in adherence with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The challenge

Taking payments over the phone is essential for many contact centers. When working with financial transactions, most companies aim to minimize the risk of brand-damaging data breaches and fraud. PCI DSS is a set of requirements designed to improve customer data protection and applies to all enterprises that process, store and transmit card holder information. The standard becomes much tougher over time and is creating a challenge for contact centers to comply with its regulations.

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How we can help

In order to help our clients to take their contact centers out of PCI DSS audit scope and protect their staff from any sensitive customer information, we have incorporated PCI Pal solutions to our Nixxis product offering.

PCI Pal is the only service provider in the PCI market that has evolved from a contact center business. The big advantage offered by Nixxis is that our customers can now benefit from a wide range of PCI cloud payment solutions which are certified to the highest level of security by the leading card companies.

What we offer

Agent Assist

If your contact center handles credit and debit cards by phone, Agent Assist will prevent confidential information from entering the regulated environment. When a payment is required, customers can use the keypad on their phone to type in their card details while excluding agents from seeing and hearing this information.


IVR payments

While processing a payment over the phone, the caller will be directed to a payment IVR solution without speaking to an agent or accessing your website. The IVR service will reconcile all transaction data and you can easily remove sensitive authentication information from agent interactions.

SMS & Web Chat

Today’s contact centers offer customer support through many channels. SMS and Web Chat are extremely popular communication channels as they allow customers immediate contact with their favorite brand. Your contact center can also enable your customers to make PCI compliant payments through SMS and Web Chat. With our PCI compliant online payments you can be sure that private customer data will never be exposed to the agent or other IT environment.

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Customers trust your company every time a payment is made. They are giving your contact center their private information and it would be right if your company does everything in its power to reduce the risk of a fraud. Hacking incidents can also result in millions of euros of lost and compromise your enterprise by damaging its brand in the market.

PCI DSS is trying to protect your customers from criminal activity and securing their payments is a real challenge for a majority of businesses. Nixxis and PCI Pal can help your contact center to safeguard your customers and achieve the highest level of compliance with PCI DSS. All you have to do is to run your business!

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