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We are excited to announce a new partnership with IINext to distribute Nixxis portfolio of cloud-based customer interaction solutions in the Moroccan market.

Nixxis and IINext will work hand-in-hand to provide companies with the most complete cloud contact center solutions. Under the agreement, IINext’ clients can now benefit from an extensive range of Nixxis products enabling them to reduce operational costs, optimize business results and significantly improve contact center performance. The partnership will mean that joint customers will have access to Nixxis Contact Suite features including the state-of-the art profit based routing, advanced voice analytics, multichannel support, workforce management, IVR solutions and more.

“With a wealth of experience in the North African Telecommunication and Business Process Outsourcing markets, we were looking for a reliable partner to sell, market and deploy Nixxis customer engagement software suite in Morocco”, said Nixxis Chief Executive Officer Luc F. Jacobs. “By partnering with IINext we can deliver our communication solutions to meet the growing demand from contact centers in this important for us region. Together, we will offer companies the opportunity to integrate smart technology and surpass customer expectations at every touchpoint of the customer journey.”

As contact centers in Maghreb increasingly look to cloud communication technology to adjust to their customers’ expectations, Nixxis foresees a significant potential for Nixxis Contact Suite that provides a span of options from fully hosted to cloud-based contact center apps. Nixxis will work closely with IINext to address these needs via its best-in-class service portfolio of powerful and intuitive tools.

“This is a great partnership opportunity for both companies”, commented IINext Chief Executive Officer Adib Bargach. “In particular, it will enable Nixxis to earn some good business from the North African market, while giving our customers reliable Nixxis services directly in the region. Our partnership with Nixxis allows us to work with companies in a way that best meets their requirements and compete more efficiently in the growing contact center space.”

The partnership will also enable clients of IINext to keep up with the new European privacy rules and benefit from the Nixxis solutions that are compliant to the GDPR. “At Nixxis, we have a dedicated team to help enterprises enforce and configure their contact centers with the GDPR in mind. Nixxis understands the critical need of local contact centers to be compliant with the GDPR as they work closely with the European companies”, commented Luc F. Jacobs.

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