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Call centre software easy to administer yet versatile.
You can have hundreds of agents, tens of supervisors but you will mainly have a few Administrator. So, everything is done to make their life easy as these precious IT experts need to be productive to keep you Contact Centre within its business objectives.

The administration module is a cornerstone of the Nixxis Contact Suite.
The whole approach of the system’s administration is business oriented.
The administration module enables you to build business campaigns. These campaigns consist of a number of business related activities. These activities are associated to queues that will assign the interaction to an call centre agent or a team of agents with the right skill set.

The administration user interface will allow you to:

  • Create new campaigns
  • Create and/or assign existing activities to a campaign and define the corresponding detailed targets and skill set needed
  • Create and/or assign new/existing queues to an activity
  • Create and/or assign new/ existing teams of agents to a queue
  • Create and/or assign new/ existing agents to a team

Key Differentiator
  • Centralized administration
  • System administration
  • HR administration
  • Business Projects administration
  • Campaigns
  • Activities
  • Topics
  • User-friendly interface
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