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AI & Robots

Automate what can be automated so your agents can focus on the essential
To maximize the benefits of automation in managing digital interactions, we use a unique set of Robots and AI algorithms at the heart of our platform.
The Nixxis Bots

We have developed a unique, AI-oriented hybrid chatbot that will serve as your virtual agent. It understands the content and context of the conversation and executes the processes automatically. You can easily develop your own robots in the foreseen studio. They are available on all channels at any time – no coffee break …

From the beginning of the conversation with the client, the bot defines the problem and provides a solution quickly. If it does not, it transfers it to a real agent transparently. Our goal is to gradually make customer service completely autonomous!

Coupled with AI

4 types of AI are available for:

  • Maximizing the human agents workload by routing the best fitted conversations/objects to the right agents at the right time with complete business awareness and flexibility.
  • Being at the core of our Automation Scripts engine which lets you write conversational and non-conversational automation scripts far more advanced than the traditional chatbots and workflows while being very simple to use.
  • Categorizing customer texts to Intents. It is a unique Machine Learning approach that is very accurate, holistic and easy to train.
  • Being a Machine Learning unique algorithm that takes the output of some of the other algorithms and big data, our platform provide and crunch them all to identify patterns and eventually produce a continuous set of very actionable suggestions in order to automate more and more business processes and conversations.
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