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Inbound Calls

Maximum productivity for "first-time right" resolutions.
Your most valuable call centre agents are available for handling customer interactions by the combination of process and skills oriented organization together with maximum machine intelligence and configuration capabilities.

Our interaction engine serves as a flexible automatic interaction distributor for phone calls, e-mails, sms, messaging or social networks. Agents are part of one or several teams.

Teams can be affected to distribution queues allowing interactions to be routed to an agent of the right team.

Assigning skills to agents allows handling interactions in a more sophisticated way. In a team, agents can have multiple skills across various interaction channels. Our engine will perform the routing to the agent with the appropriate skills. The engine can go further than this skill based routing though.
It can investigate the potential value of a call, and match this with the cost of the appropriately skilled agents. The call will be routed to the agent with the lowest cost, wherever his site may be in the world.

This potential value is not static but can evolve depending on the elapsed time or on information captured through the IVR, CRM or ERP.

Team Overflow

To maintain your service levels, we allow you to define different so-called “overflow scenarios”, such as team or queue overflow. This allows redistributing the interactions between several available agents based on specific queue or business based parameters and blend the activities together. Say that one of your Telecom customers is going through a serious network outage, the system can automatically reallocate 100% of voice traffic to an agent that would normally handle up to 80% of e-mail or social media interactions. This increases the profitability of your idling agents and allows you to meet your most demanding SLAs even during peak hours.

Even though the routing mechanisms are sophisticated they remain easily manageable.

Key Differentiator
  • Agents can simultaneously work on multiple campaigns.
  • Different activity can be blended together allowing agents to be used flexibly and with optimum accessibility.
  • Agents can manage conversations – regardless of the type of channel – into their personal environment.
  • Through ergonomic interface, the agent can quickly take different actions.
  • Agent can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, prioritized through colour codes.
  • At the end of each interaction, the user can give a disposition code to the result of the interaction.
  • Agent can see supervisor through a private chat window and generate alerts to the supervisor.
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