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In order to give a complete view of the customer conversations, we have simplified the agent interfaces to grasp ergonomic commands using colour codes giving in one glimpse an overview of what is happening with your customers.

Single omnichannel view

The multimedia call centre agent interface enables the agent to deal with different customer interactions simultaneously and via multiple channels. The agent can then freely switch between these sessions. The Administrator can also limit the amount of simultaneous sessions per agent or on a team basis. The interface provides a set of toolbars to handle the multimedia activities. These toolbars can be customized to the agent’s requirements. The status of the current contacts is displayed in an intuitive way including both contact related information and the history of previous interactions. Through this interface, the agent accesses the scripting tool or any other software packages or bespoke applications.

Where needed, a set of APIs is available to integrate this toolbar with your existing agent’s user interface. For ease of remote deployment, the agent interface is a so-called “one-click deployment client”.

Key Differentitator
  • Give customers their choice of interactions — voice, email, social media, messaging, fax and chat, as well as SMS
  • Gives you agent the view to connect to customers in a knowledgeable way faster
  • Motivate with creative outbound campaigns to build your brand and customer loyalty, and open new revenue streams
  • Reduce agent training time
  • Improve agent performance — remote agents included
  • Easily interchange agents between teams, activities and campaigns.
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