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Nixxis Cloud

Flexibility, Reliability and Security
Deploy as many seats as you need - no more and no less – and take advantage of simplified management while reducing your costs in homeworking or offshoring and ensure full confidentiality of your customer records.

Today, critical business applications are moved to the cloud for reliability reasons. Our Nixxis Cloud offering provides you this assurance, together with the rich functionality and flexibility in order to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a smaller operations contact centre not willing to invest too much money in hardware or a larger corporation able to allocated times and human resources to more productive tasks, you can count on the power of Nixxis cloud.

Nixxis cloud connects to any CRM, ERP or bespoke cloud based services that you might have. So, you can create strategies to anticipate callers’ needs and connect them to the right person for a great customer experiences. We propose our own voice gateways and telecom interconnexions but you can also provide your own. No software or hardware, switches or ACDs to deploy. It’s the easiest way to make Nixxis cloud your complete, all-in-one virtual contact center.

  • Connects customers to the right people using rules specific to your business (language, skills, media and complex priority based routing)
  • Supports business growth without infrastructure investments by scaling up from the cloud
  • Creates one place to manage all customer interactions through tight integration with Service Cloud
  • Empowers customer service representatives with the information they need to deliver great service, over any channel
  • Uses technology based on years of innovation in managing customer interactions.
Key Differentiators
  • Increased flexibility: Give the business greater agility and control, rapidly scale up or down to meet seasonality and growth needs
  • Faster deployment: Get up and running in 24 hours, rapidly deploy new capabilities
  • Minimal upfront capital expense: Gain access to rich functionality with limited capital outlay, Spend smarter by paying as you go
  • Reduced IT staff requirements: Offload the complexities of upgrades, maintenance and disaster recovery, refocus resources on strategic imperatives
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