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Nixxis Digital

For contact centres that want to meet their customers where they are.
Omnichannel isn’t about responding to customer communication preferences; it’s about adopting a smarter way of working. Nixxis Digital omnichannel platform is designed to help you to cut through the noise and meet the customer at any time, on any channel, clearly seeing where they are in their customer journey.

Nixxis Digital is the most complete omnichannel contact centre platform available, integrating over 35 apps and giving you unprecedented reach. Even though there is support for numerous channels, Nixxis Digital simplifies contact management by bringing contact from different channels into a single inbox, having the same “look and feel” whatever the channel. This reduces agent training time and makes using the platform intuitive and simple. Our dynamic queuing engine assigns contact to agents based on skills and availability, maximising your SLAs at all times.

Whether you deploy “omni-agents” that can work across all channels, or have teams of agents dedicated to single channels, you can offer each agent a single view of the customer so they can have an appreciation of the customer’s contacts across all channels. A fully-featured knowledge base is seamlessly integrated into the solution, which is complemented by our AI-powered natural language understanding engine. The engine reads the customers’ text communications and suggests relevant knowledge base content automatically to the agent.

Nixxis Digital also works seamlessly with Nixxis Conversational AI product to allow agents to take over and hand conversations back to the AI engine, increasing efficiency and meeting customers’ expectations to be able to self-serve without waiting in queues for agents to respond. For customers that want to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction whilst lowering customer effort, Nixxis Digital is the serious choice for contact centre leaders.

Key Benefits
  • Single view of the customer: Regardless of how many conversations they have had across any channel, meaning they can communicate with you in the way that they want to.
  • Smart routing: Deliver interactions from any channel to the right person, in one single inbox with a full history of engagement.
  • Bots and AI combined: More than 30% of your interactions can be handled directly by our AI-learning robots by letting them read exchanges with your agents.
  • Integrated knowledge base: Build your own knowledge bases automatically or import them.
  • Boost CSAT: Increase First Contact Resolution rate through single view of the customer journey.
  • Actionable insights: See pinch points and SLA trends across all channels in one place, in real time. Contact tagging provides understanding into root causes driving contact and resolution rates.
  • Open Platform: Integrates with many third-party systems including integration with CRM’s or ERP’s. Enabling new channels is simple, allowing you to increase reach as and when your organisation needs them.
  • Seamless: Move transparently across any other channels.
  • Enterprise Security & Controls: Privacy by design and native GDPR compliant.
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