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Nixxis Voice

Simplifying your Business Telephony to the maximum.
Getting rid of your existing PABX has never been so simple: Simply connect your phone to our Nixxis Voice service, configure the extensions yourself without costly external consultants and off you go saving time, money and gaining loads of flexibility.

Nixxis Voice is the Business Telephony service that replaces your traditional telephone lines and PBX with a platform in the Cloud.

This service helps you make significant savings and includes advanced telephone functionalities that improve employee productivity and communication with your contacts.
It also includes the Light version of the Web Meeting Room service.

As pioneer and leader in telephony and collaboration in the Cloud, Nixxis accompanies thousands of organizations of all sizes. With its wide range of functionalities, extensive range of terminals and specific software integrations, Nixxis offers greater added value to every business sector.

Key functionalities
  • Advanced telephony: welcome message, ring/pickup groups, transfers, call forwarding, personalized voicemail to email, etc.
  • Calendar: dynamic routing of calls based on an internal or external iCal calendar (Google Calendar, Office 365 etc.), to manage opening hours or direct calls to a colleague based on a personal schedule.
  • Interactive Voice Server (IVR): For the sales department, press 1 – for the technical department, press 2 and so on.
  • Parking: parking calls for handling by another user.
  • Fax out: pdf to fax from the User Portal.
  • Fax in: conversion of the fax to pdf and sending by email to the user.
  • Video calls: allowing for instance to see who is ringing the intercom.
  • One number: single number that can be reached on all of one’s lines regardless of physical location, including GSM call.
  • Directories: management of global and personal directories.
  • Privacy: multiple identity management (private-professional etc.) to show the correct number.
  • Customizable ringtones: modifiable based on the origin of the call (internal, external, for the sales group etc.).
  • Conference rooms: conference calls with up to 40 participants protected by PIN code.
  • Incoming line name: display of information related to the called number (for instance: call for support, for sales representative, for doctor Smith, etc.).
  • Recording: ability to record conversations and store them in mp3 format.
  • Softphone: software Softphone for PC, smartphone, tablets, allowing to use all devices to communicate.
  • Webphone: native software phone in the user portal (does not require any license or installation).
  • Flex desking: possibility to log on to an available phone that becomes yours.
  • CTI integration: click to call and open file with compatible TAPI, Outlook, Office 365 applications, Skype for Business, CRM, ERP etc.
  • User portal: management of its extension (phone key programming, call diversion, call log, directory, fax sending, webphone etc.).
  • International numbers: numbers in more than 60 countries (incoming calls).
  • International operator: Nixxis works with operators in most European countries, ideal for organizations with an international presence.
  • Web Meeting Light: web-based virtual meetings (video, voice, chat, screen sharing, document sharing) within the User Portal.

Administrator functionalities

  • Administration Portal: allows you to administer the platform in a highly intuitive manner.
  • Unlimited sub-accounts: ability to create N levels of sub-accounts to reflect your organization (countries, subsidiaries, agencies, franchises etc.).
  • Delegation: management of sub-accounts by other administrators (for instance, the account of an agency by the manager of this agency).
  • Import: bulk configuration via an Excel import.
  • Active Directory Sync: Ability to dynamically synchronize an AD user base with those of the platform.
  • Call flows: graphical management of telephony flows.
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning: automatic configuration of terminals (phones, softphones, gateways, etc.) when connecting to the network.
  • Multi-brand: Compatibility with most brands of terminals (Yealink, Panasonic, Gigaset Pro, 2N, Patton, Grandstream etc.).
  • API: easy data integration and exchange via open and documented API.
  • OTT: service running on any quality Internet connection and therefore not requiring a change of access provider.
  • PBX connector: possibility to connect Nixxis to an on-site telephone exchange.

Supervisor functionalities

  • Reporting: access to account statistics to control the use thereof or to handle billing.
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