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Cornerstone of a quality based contact centre operation.
One fundamental aspect of quality is the replay of the interactions conducted. It's part of coaching process for the agents, for checking appointments and adding information for the customers. It is also useful when a customer gives a verbal agreement to be executed (voice log), but there are more options to consider. It is of course valid for all media's (voice, email, chat, etc...

NCS includes the ability to voice log (for recording conversations) and to point specific portions of a call record. The recordings include both the agent and the supervisor, but also automatically a script that can be started.

Furthermore NCS has an interface to search the recorded conversations. To this end, multiple search criteria are available:

When multiple campaigns are active, it can be confusing. So selection can be done on the appropriate campaign and irrelevance given to other campaigns.

For several activities under one campaign, it may be desirable to make a selection.

For the purpose of coaching on agent. All calls that this agent has done within a specified period. All details of conversations are there, which can then be sorted.

Type of call (inbound, outbound, manual or instant):
Should only an outbound route be examined or the inbound routes from the same company, this is possible.

Date and time:
It is convenient to select the date and time when a specific call is sought or when all calls of a day should be evaluated.

The phone number of the customer:
Information is needed from a conversation concerning a customer because it was not listed or only needed afterwards.

Destination number:
On outbound routes is the same. Listen to records from a specific telephone number is possible.

Call Qualification:
Each agent may assign a grade to a conversation taking into account different scoring criteria. It can be selected on the qualification, creating an instant overview of the number of scores per day, campaign, activity and / or agent.”

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