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Management dashboard of a good contact centre.
Everything that happens, is kept in the NCS database. The historical database contains all information about what agents have done, what happened to the various customer contacts and how they were closed / qualified (Qualifications). Everything is written in an open database. This gives the flexibility to the NCS Reporting Tool.

Customizable reports

Use can be made of hundreds of predefined reports, but also your own reports can be drawn up, thanks to the historical database which is completely open for the end user. It can thus be the sole reporting tool connected to the historical database. Thus reports can be customized and used for specific purposes. It is not so that only predefined reports can be delivered, but there may also be compliance with the wishes and demands of the internal customer. For example, for a temporary project, a special report can be issued, which no longer have to be used.

Reports can be made by the scores of agents on a campaign, which is convenient for both inbound and outbound routes. There is also access to the online times of agents, how long they have been on break and what time they needed to handle the calls. SLA reports can also be drawn, qualification reports and numbers of calls and their duration per campaign or per agent.


With all these capabilities in reports it is much easier to identify, formulate and achieve targets. Daily, or even on demand, they can be controlled as needed. The reporting interface is in short a reporting of activities, interactions and consequences. NCS has brought a lot of efforts in the report forms, so using a clear structure and design, the interpretation of the report is immediately clear and easy to navigate. Reports can also be exported into various files-types (Excel, pdf, etc…) and automatically sent to various users such as a day-reporting to internal customers.

Key differentiators
  • One-Click report generation
  • Automatic publication to Intranet, Web or e-mails
  • Pre-programmed report scheduler
  • Includes 100’s of standard report formats
  • Fully customizable
  • Interfaces to:
    • Cognos
    • Business Objects
    • Crystal reports
  • Export to pdf, xls, etc…
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