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Answering the phone is one thing, but the way the phone call is used is another story. Without too much training and education, an agent should be able to be productive for a company or a project on which it is allocated. Clear communication about this is a must also sometimes for legal reasons (what can be said or not). This objective is achieved through the scripts in NCS.

An interaction that is proposed to an agent may be accompanied by a script. A script is a set of pages that helps the agent in performing the interaction and get the right message through. Also, the script prompt the user (whether or not required) to enter certain information. This information can help to further gradually improve the script used.
The script works as an instruction guide for the agent but also a form in which certain data can and / or should be recorded. Is it always necessary, for example to demand and record an e-mail, that there can be fields required in the script to complete. If not completed, then the script will not be accepted and the agent cannot continue. If there are no e-mail available for example, then the agent might be required to fill in a special character. This way, the agent is forced to fill in, but still the freedom to leave it out is given in some cases. NCS allows different possibilities:

  • The integrated module: This module is a complete tool that allows scripts to be customized.
  • An integration module: The scripts can be created in different tools (e.g. PHP) and integrated into the agent module.
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs): There is a set of APIs that allows to add functionalities to NCS.

Openness of the system

NCS allows a full set of APIs that makes it possible to integration with other systems. Linking external data sources to NCS engine and installing the NCS functionalities in external applications are possible. Also, the agent interface can be customized. This means that when a database is already known, for example accessing existing CRMs, this can be imported into Nixxis and in the scripts. This previous work will not be lost and do not need for an agent to open several systems. The scripts can be continuously updated and adapted to the currently relevant needs.


Key differentiators
  • Inbound and outbound manager modules
  • Workflow systems; follow-up actions are automated to ensure that the correct sequence of post-call events happen within defined timescales
  • Real-time capabilities; users can send reports, emails and SMS messages from the script; with contact details and FAQs available at all times
  • Sophisticated web reporting module; real-time data visibility and transparency
  • Productivity monitoring application; agent time and activity log will show exactly what your agents spend their time on
  • Multi-lingual and cross-channel.
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