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A good functioning team needs a coach with the right tools.
Agents acting on several contacts. It is necessary to monitor this, to provide guidance as and when appropriate. How to perform the agents individually, how long standing contacts on hold, what are the results of the campaigns?

It is important to monitor the interactions. Coaching and guiding agents is a continuous process, based on figures and reports from the monitoring tool if possible. Targets can be made and should be made clear. Also, the interaction processes is transparent just as monitoring the results. Not only could the agent be reviewed, but also the projects themselves. Different angles provide a complete picture.
In short, the Nixxis Supervision tool is an optimal Customer interaction assured. It gives a continuous insight into the various facets of your communications and the agents who handle various interactions.

Elements of Supervision Tool

  • Agent view: includes the duration and type of activity of each agent.
  • Inbound view: view all incoming requests, both e-mail, chat and calls.
  • Outbound view: Review all interactions that should be initiated.
  • Queue view: information about people on hold and the waiting times (number of people waiting, average waiting times). This can be controlled and possibly agents can be added.
  • Campaign view: is the company’s objective in line with reality? The campaign view provides direct insight into the results of the campaigns. There timely actions can be taken.
  • Alert view: Does one of the staff need help? Whether something is not to your liking? Through the alert view is the supervisor immediately alerted so that actions can be taken. There verbal contact is not necessary, so even during a call, help can be sought and given.

Several possibilities
The NCS Supervisor module gives an insight into quantitative, qualitative and operational results. Each supervisor can determine what they can and want to see. It is possible that some supervisors only access limited information’s. So it is not ‘all or nothing’, so that there may be custom duties assigned to the supervisors of certain teams.”

Key Differentiators
  • Quantitative & qualitative supervision
  • Available Supervision views:
    • Team view
    • Agent view
    • Queue view
    • Campaign view (business views)
    • Contact state: busy, answering machine, on line,…
  • Contact qualification: Topics, Values
  • SLA monitoring
  • Notification & alerting
  • Site independent supervision (complete virtual principle)
  • Listen, record, intrude, messaging, transfer,…
  • Completely configurable screens
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