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Nixxis Cloud

Flexibility & power at competitive prices

Nixxis’ All-in-One Cloud solution increases the flexibility of your contact center across all communication channels at a lower cost. The powerful technology powering Nixxis Cloud allows you to deploy as many seats as needed – whether your agents are on site or teleworking.

Increase your flexibility

The Nixxis All-in-One Cloud solution gives your business greater agility and control. This will allow you to adjust resources more quickly to meet seasonality and growth needs.

Rapid Deployment

Operational in maximum 24 hours on our shared instances.

Reduce your costs

Nixxis Cloud gives you access to rich features with a limited down payment. Spend smarter and pay as you go.

CRM Integration

You can integrate Nixxis Cloud with your CRM or ERP. Your agents will have a 360 degree view of the history of customer interactions.

Intelligent Routing

Connect your customers with the best agents for their requests. Our routing uses specific rules based on language, skills, media and priorities.

Quality Management

Improve the quality of service in your contact center with several tools: phone call recording, chat, screen, etc.