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Want to know the secret behind successful telemarketing? It’s all about professional outbound dialing.

Even in these times of Automated Digital Marketing based on advanced “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) or “SEM” (Search Engine Marketing) techniques, telemarketing and telesales are still the most efficient ways to sell or rent a product or a service.

So, over the years specialized call centres have tried to optimize their outbound dialing campaign operations. One of the main boosters of outbound campaign performance was the introduction of the predictive dialer. This dialer is based on advanced mathematical algorithms that try to limit the agent waiting time between two calls to the minimum.

Like any powerful medication, although those dialers optimize the agent performance, they can have some serious side effects:

  • In order to minimize impact on the dialer performances, they are limited in the number of campaigns that can be run in parallel (a few or sometimes even one only).
  • Call centre agents can only work on a single outbound campaign at a time. If they need to work on another campaign they mostly need to re-log to the correct campaign.
  • The End of call file paradigm: at the end of a campaign it becomes very difficult to address the last part of the database; the campaign becomes slow and global campaign productivity is collapsing.
  • Call file burning: Dialers and call files are difficult to administer and a lot of records are “burned” by the dialer; they are never passed to an agent.
  • Extreme abandoned call rates: a lot of dialers do not check on maximum abandoned call rate or check them when it is too late. Most countries have put legal limits to those rates in order to limit “call-spam” and for “consumer protection”.
  • Call file segmentation/customer profiling is not possible. One need to split the campaign in multiple campaigns each with its own call file to make file segmentation/ customer profiling possible.
  • Small call files result in poor performance: dialers use mathematical algorithms that only give correct results when using “big call files” (several hundreds of numbers), enough agents (more than twenty) linked to the campaigns and hundreds of call to be made before they can work properly.
  • Impossible to work with multiple “black lists”: a black list is a database with phone numbers of people that do not want to be contacted for general outbound dialing. One is definitely not enough. The legal one is of course necessary but what about those “bad payers” and the ones who are already customers.
  • Manage multiple step-campaigns: In these campaigns, the outcome of a first step defines the next step in the communication approach. Simple systems cannot implement this and the work around consist of implementing multiple campaign databases and performing important database management manipulations.
  • Multi step including inbound steps i.e. when customers are calling you before you are calling them, are difficult if not impossible to implement.

These side effects results in badly managed outbound campaigns. A lot of complaints from customers and a bad image for outbound telemarketing/telesales activities have forced many governments to produce directives in order to control outbound activities.

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